Elan DNA


Vacuum Assisted Infusion Lamination

Elan’s hull construction technology ensures the required hull strength and stiffness, while using the least amount of material possible in order to save weight and make the yacht more responsive and enjoyable to sail. Furthermore, the 3D VAIL technology brings better carrying capacity increased hull strength and reduces the risk of osmosis

Short Handed Sailing

Shorthanded solution improves the yachts safety and comfort, as its easily operated by limited crew.

Twin Wheel - Twin Rudder System

The VOR inspired solution by Rob Humphreys ensures better control and handling even in extreme conditions. In case of emergency the twin rudders work as independent tiller, improving safety

Quality Certification by Germanischer Lloyd

Elan Yachts carry the highest standards in safety and build. The structural build quality is inspected at various important stages through the construction.

Environmentally-Friendly Production

Elan has committed to a comprehensive environmental management system minimizing its impact on nature. Both Elan’s skiing and boat building divisions boast the ISO 14001 standard for environmentally friendly production. As an outdoor company we are more than aware of the need to preserve our Mother Earth. Elan has committed to a comprehensive environmental management system, minimizing our impact with everything we do. We all can and have to contribute to keep the old lady in shape, so we’d like to encourage you to do your part. Turn off the lights, use public transport and focus on renewable sources of energy.

Humphreys Yacht Design

Humphreys Yacht Design have been principal designers for Elan Marine since the mid 1990s, working with Elan’s own extensive in-house engineering team. From the first relationship, the Elan 295, Rob Humphreys has been an ever-strengthening presence, consistently helping direct the company’s vision, with a range of boats that offer excellent racer-cruiser balance. It’s what Humphreys has frequently referred to as the 60/60 range, where the racing eye will focus on the boats’ obvious race-winning potential and feel the designs are biased in his direction, while the cruising temperament will see his own particular interest as being the one that commands the 60%

The Elan range is a series of resilient cruising and racing yachts that appeals to professional and amateur sailing crews as well as families who love to holiday on the water. It combines modern technology and expertise with a respect for tradition, elegance and stylish good looks. All the yachts in the series are designed for fast passage-making, regattas and other racing events, but at the same time they are styled with comfort and safety in mind so that sailing companions — whether experienced or novice — can enjoy both the ride and the destination.

For some owners, an Elan is a first yacht or a stepping stone, while for others it is all they ever wished for. Elan also offer the Impression range, a more dedicated cruising line also designed by the Humphreys team. Despite a very impressive turn of speed these boats are designed essentially for comfort and a cruising feel-good factor, and the range has been a huge success for the company.

The Elan/Humphreys team consistently strives to explore new developments and respond to feedback from owners, so that if an owner wants to race he can win, and if he wants to cruise then he will be able to do so in a reassuring fashion, content in the knowledge that he can reel away the miles in comfort. This approach has the won the brand a high level of customer loyalty which in turn translates into a motivated and passionate design team.

Elan History

Innovations in Boatbuilding since 1949

Elan’s boatbuilding tradition began in 1949 with kayaks, canoes and small boat production made of waterproof wooden slabs.

Early commercial success came in the 1950s when a large number of small crafts were exported to the United States.

The Sixties heralded the dawn of reinforced polyester, a revolutionary material that Elan used for racing kayaks and boats.

The following decade the yard launched the first sailboats and most successful small vessel selling 10,000 units in the following years.

The 1980s were synonymous with a significant shift towards the production of larger cruiser-racer sailing yachts, designed by the now J&J Design studio, including the legendary Elan 31, which won the Quarter Ton World Championship with Dušan Puh.

In 1995 Elan commenced cooperation with renowned nautical designer, Rob Humphreys resulting in many successful, award-winning projects.

The next decade Elan won European Yacht of the Year title twice, for the Impression 344 and 340 models. Not resting on its laurels, Elan launched the revolutionary Volvo Ocean Race inspired Elan 350 with characteristic chines and twin rudders, winning another European Yacht of the Year title in 2011 and a nomination for Elan 210 the following year.

Building on rich tradition, combined with an innovative present, Elan is laying strong foundations for the future.